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Current PhD Students

PhD Students

  Name Joined Research Interests Faculty Collaborators



Matthew Fox 2008 Ethical decision making, entrepreneurship Wade-Benzoni  
Christina Rader 2009 Advice taking, advice giving, and voice Larrick, Soll  
Devin Hargrove 2010 Leadership, trust, and self-monitoring Larrick, Sitkin  
Christy Zhou 2010 Self-regulation and goal pursuits, interpersonal relationships Fitzsimons, Larrick, Rosette, Wade-Benzoni  
Devon Proudfoot 2011
Inequality in organizations, system justification, ideology
Kay, Lind  
Esther Sackett 2011
Multiple goal pursuit, team cognition, collaboration, healthcare
Cummings, Fitzsimons, Lind  
Katie O'Connor 2012   Fitzsimons  
Simone Tang 2012
Superstition, fate, loyalty
Kay, Larrick, Lind  
Min Bang 2013
Intertemporal choice, group decisions
Soll, Wade-Benzoni  
Jae Yun (Jay) Kim 2013
System justification
Fitzsimons, Kay, Wade-Benzoni  

Post-Doctoral Associates

  Name Joined Research Interests Faculty Collaborators  
Adrian Camilleri 2011 Decisions from experience, choice architecture Larrick, Newell (UNSW), Johnson (Columbia), Weber (Columbia) Web Page


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