Tracy Lewis
Martin L. Black, Jr. Professor of Business Administration in Economics
Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business
100 Fuqua Drive
Durham, NC 27708
p. +1.919.660.7983
f. +1.919.660.7971
tracy dot lewis at duke dot edu

Professor Tracy Lewis




Working Papers


“Advocacy and Dynamic Influence” (with Ralph Boleslavsky)

“A Theory of Delegated Search for the Best Alternative”

“Long Term Efficient Contracts with Private Information” (with Alan Schwartz)

“Clarity vs. Publicity in Disclosure of Public Information” (with Qi Chen and Yun Zhang)


Selected Publications


“Delegating Procurement to Experts” (with Chifeng Dai and Giuseppi Lopomo) Rand Journal of Economics, 2007

“The Role of Lockups in Takeover Contests” (with Yeon-Koo Che), Rand Journal of Economics, 2008