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The Four Phases of the Language Institute

The Language Institute experience occurs in four distinct phases to provide comprehensive support to international MBA students.

Phase I Language Institute

Pre-program diagnostics and tutoring in language and an orientation to MBA class work.  On a voluntary basis, students who feel they would benefit from work with a tutor before the LI starts will have access to a tutor on July 1. There is no additional charge for the Pre-instruction. If you are interested in the voluntary pre-instruction, please complete the attached "Pre-program Instruction Registration" form. 

Phase II Language Institute

A two-week intensive English language program with diagnostics, language tutorial, case study, and experiential learning to ease the transition into the MBA classroom. If you are required to attend the Language Institute, please complete the "Application."

Phase III Language Institute

A three-week program of real-time feedback and counseling based on observed performance in a "live" academic setting, i.e., the Global Institute.

Phase IV Language Institute

Access to individual or small group counseling and feedback sessions over the remaining two years of your MBA experience.  Participants in the LI are eligible to use the language counseling services of ESL specialists throughout their MBA program. The language counseling services provide students with individualized assessment and tutoring targeted at enhancement of language skills, utilizing software programs as well as one-to-one tutoring and small conversation groups. Students can use these services as frequently as their schedules and time permit.

Assessment includes a formal assessment as well as ongoing assessment of improvement in speech and communication skills.

Individual counseling is provided on a regular basis, and is based upon the specific needs of the student. Students will also have access to regular, guided conversation groups to practice and refine their oral English skills in a supportive environment.