Andres Musalem


Andres Musalem, University of Chile & Duke University (adjunct)
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton







Ph.D. in Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

M.A. in Statistics, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

M.B.A., University of Chile.

Industrial Engineer, University of Chile.

B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, University of Chile.


My main research interests in one sentence:

Development of theory-driven (i.e., structural) methodologies to learn about consumer and firm behavior from limited, incomplete or aggregate information with applications to marketing, economics and operations management problems.


Methodological and application areas related to my research:


Bayesian Methods, Economics and Econometrics: Bayesian econometrics, missing data problems, structural estimation, direct utility models, empirical industrial organization, stochastic dynamic programming, mathematical programming with equilibrium constraints (MPEC), game theory, signaling.


Marketing: retailing, promotions, marketing/operations management interface, market entry, customer relationship management, word of mouth, customer expectation management, consumer response to out of stocks and waiting times, product line competition, store choice, eyetracking.


Empirical Operations Management: out of stocks, queuing, staffing decisions, assortment, marketing/operations management interface.




Articles Published in Refereed Journals:

Leopoldo Arias-Bolzmann, Orkun Sak, Andres Musalem, Len Lodish (2003), "Wine Pricing: the Influence of Country of Origin, Variety, and Wine Magazine Ratings", International Journal of Wine Marketing, 15 (2): 47-57, link to journal.

Andres Musalem, Eric T. Bradlow and Jagmohan S. Raju (2008), "Who's Got The Coupon: Estimating Consumer Preferences and Coupon Usage from Aggregate Information" - Full Text , Technical Appendix, Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (December): 715-730.

Andres Musalem, Eric T. Bradlow and Jagmohan S. Raju (2009), "Bayesian Estimation of Random-Coefficients Choice Models using Aggregate Data" - Full Text , Technical Appendix, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24 (3): 490-516.

Andres Musalem and Yogesh Joshi (2009), "How Much Should You Invest In Each Customer Relationship" - Full Text, Marketing Science, 28 (3): 555-565.

Andres Musalem, Marcelo Olivares, Eric Bradlow, Christian Terwiesch and Daniel Corsten (2010), "Structural Estimation of the Effect of Out of Stocks" Full Text, Management Science, 56 (7): 1180-1197.

Yina Lu, Andres Musalem, Marcelo Olivares and Ariel Schilkrut (2013) "Measuring the Effect of Waiting Time on Customer Purchases" Full Text, Management Science, 59 (8): 1743-1763.

Award: Yina Lu was the recipient of the First Prize in the 2012 INFORMS MSOM Student Paper Competition for this manuscript.

Steve Berry, Ahmed Khwaja, Vineet Kumar, Andres Musalem, Ken Wilbur, Greg Allenby, Bharat Anand, Pradeep Chintagunta, Michael Hanemann, Przemek Jeziorski and Angelo Mele (2014), "Structural Models of Complementary Choices" Full Text, Marketing Letters, 25: 245-256.

Martin Meiβner, Andres Musalem and Joel Huber, " Eye-Tracking Reveals a Process of Conjoint Choice that is Quick, Efficient and Largely Free from Contextual Biases", forthcoming at the Journal of Marketing Research.


Working Papers:

"When demand projections are too optimistic: A structural model of product line and pricing decisions" - Full Text.

Yogesh Joshi and Andres Musalem, "Word of Mouth Bias and Optimal Communication Strategies" - Full Text, being revised for resubmission to Management Science.

Andres Musalem, Kenneth Wilbur and Patricio del Sol, "A Parsimonious Structural Model Of Individual Demand For Multiple Related Goods" Full Text.

Yogesh Joshi and Andres Musalem, "Under-promising and over-delivering: strategic implications of word-of-mouth" - Full Text.


SSRN: Author Page


Work In Progress:

"Measuring the effect of salespeople effectiveness in retail stores using video recordings," with Marcelo Olivares, Nicolas Garcias and Ariel Schilkrut.

"How new entrants affect incumbent retailers' pricing policy," with Carl Mela and Huihui Wang.


Industry Projects:

Marketing Practicum Projects (Fuqua):



Cencosud: Developing an eCommerce Stratregy

DuPont: Marketing Recommendations for Health Care Surfacing SolutionsIBM: Seizing the Web Content Management (WCM) Opportunity in a Global Market.



AmEx: Marketing American Express Cards to Women

DuPont: Develop potential sustainability offerings that distinguish DuPont Titanium Technologies from competition

IBM Software Group: Embracing New Business Partner Models

Walmart: Price vs. Convenience: Are They At Odds With Each Other Anymore? Have some online retailers figured out how to do both?



Walmart Chile (Methodology to generate out of stock early warnings, with Marcelo Olivares and Ricardo Montoya, 2013).

ECR Chile (Documentation of the implementation and results of the first Category Management projects in the Chilean Supermarket Industry, with Maximo Bosch, 1999)


Financial Services Industry:

Banco de Credito e Inversiones (Linking Customer Profitability and Service Quality, 1998)

Banco Central de Chile (Methodology to design a benchmark portfolio, 1998)


Public Sector:

JUNAEB (Chilean Government Agency, Consulting Project: Use of mathematical modeling to assign contracts in a combinational auction for the supply of eyeglasses for the Chilean School System, 2001)




Hobbies: drums, soccer, tennis and table tennis.