Brendan Daley

Associate Professor of Economics
Duke University
Fuqua School of Business

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Phone: (919) 660-8025

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Eponymous Entreprenuers

Magical Thinking: A Represenation Result

An Information-Based Theory of Time-Varying Liquidity

Market Signaling with Grades

Waiting for News in the Market for Lemons

Efficient Investment in a Dynamic Auction Environment

Even if it's not Bribery: The Case for Campaign Finance Reform

  • Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 2011
  • with Erik Snowberg

When to Release Feedback in a Dynamic Tournament

  • Revise and Resumbit at Decision Analysis
  • with Ruoyu Wang

Bargaining and News

Security Design with Ratings



Managerial Economics (MBA, Executive MBA)

Fundamentals of Business Economics (Master of Management Studies)

Game Theory (Ph.D.)