Brendan Daley

Associate Professor of Finance
University of Colorado
Leeds School of Business

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Eponymous Entrepreneurs

Magical Thinking: A Representation Result

An Information-Based Theory of Time-Varying Liquidity

Market Signaling with Grades

Waiting for News in the Market for Lemons

Efficient Investment in a Dynamic Auction Environment

Even if it's not Bribery: The Case for Campaign Finance Reform

  • Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 2011
  • with Erik Snowberg

When to Release Feedback in a Dynamic Tournament

  • Decision Analysis, Forthcoming
  • with Ruoyu Wang

Choosing between Growth and Glory

Securitization, Ratings, and Credit Supply

Bargaining and News

Security Design with Ratings

The Equilibrium Value of Employee Ethics



Investment and Portfolio Management (Undergraduate)

Managerial Economics (MBA, Executive MBA)

Fundamentals of Business Economics (Master of Management Studies)

Game Theory (Ph.D.)