Bennet A. Zelner
Associate Professor of Strategy

Fuqua School of Business
Box 90120
One Towerview Drive
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708
Telephone: (919) 660-1093
Fax: (919) 660-8037



Published and accepted articles

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Political Capabilities, Policy Risk, and International Investment Strategy: Evidence from the Global Electric Power Industry” (with Guy L.F. Holburn). Strategic Management Journal. Forthcoming.

"Contentious Implementation and Retrenchment in Neoliberal Policy Reform: The Global Electric Power Industry, 1989 – 2001." Administrative Science Quarterly (with Witold J. Henisz and Guy L.F. Holburn). 54(3), 2009. 379 – 412. (Lead article.)

Using Simulation to Interpret and Present Logit and Probit Results.” Strategic Management Journal. 30(12). 1335 - 1348. (Click here for companion Stata command.)

Interest Groups, Veto Points and Electricity Infrastructure Deployment” (with Witold J. Henisz). International Organization 60(1), 2006. 263 – 286.

The Worldwide Diffusion of Market-Oriented Infrastructure Reform, 1977–1999” (with Witold J. Henisz and Mauro F. Guillén). American Sociological Review 70(6), 2005. 871 – 897. (Lead article.)

Legitimacy, Interest Group Pressures and Change in Emergent Institutions: The Case of Foreign Investors and Host Country Governments” (with Witold J. Henisz). Academy of Management Review 30(2), 2005. 361 – 382.

Explicating Political Hazards: A Transaction Cost Politics Approach” (with Witold J. Henisz). Industrial and Corporate Change 13(6), 2004. 901 – 915.

The Strategic Organization of Political Risks and Opportunities” (with Witold J. Henisz). Strategic Organization 1(4), 2003. 451 – 460.

The Institutional Environment for Telecommunications Investment” (with Witold J. Henisz). Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 10(1), 2001. 123 – 148.

Product Complementarities, Capabilities and Governance: A Dynamic Transaction Cost Perspective” (with Pablo T. Spiller). Industrial and Corporate Change 6(3), 1997. 561 – 594.


Other articles, book chapters etc.

“The Hidden Risks in Emerging Markets” (with Witold J. Henisz). Harvard Business Review. April 2010. (Forthcoming.)

“Political Risk Management: A Strategic Perspective” (with Witold J. Henisz) in Theodore Moran (ed.) International Political Risk Management: The Brave New World. Washington, DC: The World Bank Group, 2004. 154 – 170.

The Political Economy of Private Electricity Provision in Southeast Asia” (with Witold J. Henisz). East Asian Economic Perspectives 15(1), 2001. 10 – 36.

Review of Alya Guseva, Into the Red: The Birth of the Credit Card Market in Postcommunist Russia.
Administrative Science Quarterly
54(3), 2009. 536 – 539.


AES-Telasi: Power Trip or Power Play? (with Witold J. Henisz). Wharton School Case Study, 2006.



intgph (co-authored with Dan Blanchette) is a Stata command that facilitates the interpretation of interaction effects in selected nonlinear models. The command employs King et al.'s (2000) simulation-based approach and presents results graphically in the manner suggested in my forthcoming SMJ article, "Using Simulation to Interpret Results from Logit, Probit, and Other Nonlinear Models."

In order to install intgph, type -ssc install intgph- at the Stata command prompt. (If you find bugs or have suggestions for how to improve intgph, please send me an email.)