Class Topics for Spring I, 2019

Here is a tentative list of topics. The schedule is fluid in that I may spend longer on some topics and spillover to the next class. I might add or delete topics. I will also be interested in your input for topics. Guest speakers targeted are: Ripple, Coinbase, Circle, IBM (supply chain), Paradigm, Microsoft, True Tickets, Algorand, and Accenture.

Materials available after course:

1. Friday January 18

Course Introduction. What is blockchain technology?

[Note: Preassignment Due January 17.] Bring computer to class. Coinbase (or equivalent) wallet must be set up. Course requirements. Why me? Setting up MetaMask account. Introduction to blockchain.

2. Wednesday January 23

Blockchain Applications

Low-hanging fruit applications of blockchain technology. Another introduction to blockchain (including hashing, coinbase transactions, Proof-of-Work mining).

3. Friday January 25

Tech Big Picture, Hashing

Blockchain Tech Big Picture. Key tech issues that are covered in the course. impmortant open questions. Introduction to Hashing. 2017 and 2018 innovation projects if time. [Note: Assignment #1 goes live (hashing).]

4. Tuesday January 29

Cryptology, Stablecoins, Digital Signatures

Introduction to ciphers and encryption. Exploring the four different classes of stablecoins. [Note: Assignment #2 goes live (the group presentations, targeting Feb 5, 8, 12).]

5. Friday February 1

Transaction Mechanics

How do transactions work in Proof of Work blockchain. [Note: Assignment #3 goes live (video critique).]

6. Tuesday February 5

Consensus, Cryptovaluation

Byzantine Generals Problem, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Federated Byzantine Fault Tolerance, other mechanisms. How to think about valuing cryptocurrencies.

7. Friday February 8

Zero Knowledge Proofs, Crytovaluation continued,

Understanding ZKP and applications. Hot and cold wallets. Exchange hacks. QuadrigaCX. How to value cryptocurrencies.

8. Tuesday February 12

Blockchain applications

IoT applications and others

9. Friday February 15

Ethereum, Logger, Smart-Contracting

Differences between Ethereum and other blockchains. Inside smart contracts. [Note: Assignment #4 goes live (smart contract deployment.]

10. Tuesday February 19

The DAO, Layer 2, Evaluating ICOs, M2M World

Implications of micropayments

  • Level 2, HLTC, SegWit
  • The DAO
  • Evaluating ICOs
  • M2M World
  • Addresses

  • 11. Friday February 22

    Blockchain and the Law

    Legal environment. Regtech.

    Materials not used in the course that you might find useful

    12. Tuesday February 26

    Innovation: Class Presentations

    Nine minutes per presentation. Maximum eight slides (nine can be a cover page). Last 20 minutes for course evals. 6 groups in first hour. 3/4 groups after the break. Timer will be operational in front..