Class Topics for Spring I, 2018

Here is a tentative list of topics. The schedule is somewhat fluid in that I may spend longer on some topics and spillover to the next class. I might add or delete topics. I will also be interested in your input for topics.

1. Friday January 19

Course Introduction. What is Blockchain?

Coinbase (or equivalent) wallet must be set up. Download app. Course requirements. Why me? Introduction to blockchain.

2. Tuesday January 23

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

Four main applications of blockchain. Introduction to cryptocurrencies. Facts and myths about crytpocurrencies. Should central banks have cryptocurrencies? 2016 and 2017 innovation projects if time.

3. Friday January 26

Cryptology; Cryptocurrencies (continued)

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

4. Tuesday January 30

Cryptocurrencies (continued); Cryptovaluation

Exchange security. Understanding hacks. What is money?.

5. Friday February 2

Cryptovaluation (continued) Blockchain Mechanics

How to think about valuing cryptocurrencies. Group company presentations.

6. Tuesday February 6

Blockchain Mechanics, Cryptographic Hashing

Mechanics of a public blockchain. Group company presentations.

7. Friday February 9

Cryptographic Hashing, Addresses

What miners hash. Merkle trees. SHA-1 step by step. Group company presentations.

8. Tuesday February 13

Digital Signatures

Private/Public key pairs. Digital Signatures. RSA. ECDSA. Group company presentations. Lightning Network and Raiden Network. Catchup.

8.5. Wednesday February 14

Fireside chat with Fred Ehrsam, Co-Founder,

Geneen, 3:30pm and joint with EVCC Conference

9. Friday February 16

Understanding Ethereum

Deep dive into Ethereum.Group company presentations.

10. Tuesday February 20

Machine to Machine Payments

Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, Group company presentations.

  • The DAO (powerpoint, B,C)
  • Level 2, HLTC, SegWit (powerpoint)
  • 51 Percent PoW Attack (powerpoint, B, C)
  • Anonymity vs. Privacy (powerpoint)
  • Credit cards (powerpoint)
  • M2M Payments (powerpoint)

  • 10.5. Wednesday February 21

    Fireside chat with Balaji Srinavasan, CEO,

    Geneen, 4pm

    11. Friday February 23

    Blockchain and the Law.

    Legal environment. Regtech.

    Materials only if time in the course

    12. Tuesday February 27

    Innovation: Class Presentations

    Five minutes per presentation. Maximum four slides (fifth can be a cover page). Last 15 minutes for course evals. 12 groups in first hour. 7 groups after the break. Timer will be operational on side screens.