Campbell R. Harvey's Digital Video Clips


I reserve the world-wide Copyright 2000 for all video clips, audio version of the content and written transcriptions. Any commerical reproduction of any course materials including lecture notes taken by students during the class is not allowed unless explicit permission is given by me. All world-wide rights reserved.


Two types of format are provided: the raw MPEG file and a streaming video file. I recommend that you use the streaming video option.

MPEG files [*.mpg]

I recommend accessing the MPEG file only if you have a T1 line because the files are quite large. Left click will load the file and begin the play. Right click will save the file. I have found Windows Media Player to be the most reliable here.

Streaming file [*.smil]

For slower connections, use the streaming files. I recommend Real Player version 7 or higher to play these files.

Digital Video from BA453 Tactical Global Asset Allocation and Stock Selection

Digital Video from BA491 Emerging Markets Finance

Digital Video from BA350 Global Financial Management

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