David McAdams
Professor of Business Administration and Economics
Duke Fuqua School of Business and Economics Department
Duke Fuqua

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Links to courses
  • Game Theory for Strategic Advantage [Daytime MBA -- Spring 1 2013]. Student access only, via Duke Sakai system.

Teaching Materials

(with Cate Reavis) "DeBeers Diamond Dilemma", MIT Sloan Case 07-045 (2008). Reprinted in "Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases" by Rothaermel (2012) and "Strategic Management: Text and Cases 6E Global Edition" by Dess et al (2012).

Abstract: How should DeBeers respond to the threat posed by synthetic diamonds?

"Rebuilding New Orleans" by Dan Gagne (under my supervision), MIT Sloan Case 07-125 (2007).

Abstract: How should the federal government help steer the economic recovery in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina?

The Theory of 2x2 Games

new"Endogenous Timing of Moves in 2x2 Games". (This version: January 2012. First version: November 2011.)

Abstract: Suppose that, prior to playing a game, each player first commits whether to move “early” or “late”. If both move early or both move late, the game then has simultaneous moves; otherwise, it has sequential moves. In all 2x2 games having a unique Nash equilibrium, the equilibrium outcome of this meta-game is unique and does not depend on the timing of players’ commitments to move early or late.