Interactive home shopping: Consumer, retailer, and manufacturer incentives to participate in electronic marketplaces
Journal of Marketing; New York; Jul 1997; Joseph Alba;John Lynch;Barton Weitz;Chris Janiszewski;et al;

Volume: 61
Issue: 3
UMI Publication No.: 01448039
Start Page: 38-53
Page Count: 16
Text Word Count: 13368
Document Type: Feature
ISSN: 00222429
Subject Terms: Home shopping
Electronic commerce
Statistical analysis
Interactive marketing
Home shopping
Consumer behavior
Electronic commerce
Retail sales
Classification Codes: 9190: US
8390: Retail stores, includes groceries
9130: Experimental/theoretical treatment
7000: Marketing
Geographic Names: US
UMI Article Re. No.: JMK-2007-5
UMI Journal Code: JMK
A study examines the implications of electronic shopping for consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. It assumes that near-term technological developments will offer consumers unparalleled opportunities to locate and compare product offerings. It examines these advantages as a function of typical consumer goals and the types of products and services being sought and offers conclusions regarding consumer incentives and disincentives to purchase through interactive home shopping vis-a-vis traditional retail formats. Implications for industry structure as they pertain to competition among retailers, competition among manufacturers, and retailer-manufacturer relationships are discussed.

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