James J. Anton
Hanes Corporation Foundation Professor, Economics



Working Papers and Publications

Dynamic Price Competition with Capacity Constraints and a Strategic Buyer, Abstract (with G. Biglaiser and N. Vettas), International Economic Review, Vol. 55(3): 943-958, August 2014, PDF (216 KB),

[Working paper version with proofs, September 2012 PDF (410 KB)]

Delay as Agenda Setting, Abstract (with D. Yao), June 2012 PDF (439 KB)

Quality, Upgrades and Equilibrium in a Dynamic Monopoly Model, Abstract (with G. Biglaiser), Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 148: 1179-1212, 2013 PDF (344 KB)

Inventory in Vertical Relationships with Private Information and Interdependent Values, Abstract, (with G. Biglaiser and T. Lewis), International Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 7(1): 51-63, March 2011 PDF (157 KB)

Compatibility, Interoperability, and Market Power in Upgrade Markets, Abstract (with G. Biglaiser), Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol. 19(4): 373-385, June 2010 PDF (58 KB)

Split-Award Procurement Auctions with Uncertain Scale Economies: Theory and Data, Abstract (with S. Brusco and G. Lopomo), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 69(1): 24-41, May 2010 PDF (518 KB).

Attracting Skeptical Buyers Abstract (with D. Yao), International Economic Review, Vol. 49(1):319-348, February 2008 PDF (646 KB)

Finding "Lost" Profits: An Equilibrium Analysis of Patent Infringement Damages Abstract (with D. Yao), Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Vol. 23 (1):186-207, April 2007 PDF (292 KB)

[Licensing Example for "Lost Profits" PDF (62KB)]

Policy Implications of Weak Patent Rights Abstract (with H. Greene and D. Yao), in Innovation Policy and the Economy Vol. 6, Eds. A. Jaffe, J. Lerner and S. Stern, 2006, PDF (working paper, 121 KB), PDF (scan, 2.7 MB)

Storability, Market Structure and Demand-Shift Incentives Abstract (with G. Das Varma), RAND Journal of Economics 36(3): 520-543, Autumn 2005, PDF (311 KB)

Markets for Partially-Contractible Knowledge: Bootstrapping vs Bundling Abstract (with D. Yao), Journal of the European Economic Association Vol. 3 (April-May): 745-754, 2005, PDF (91 KB)

Little Patents and Big Secrets: Managing Intellectual Property Abstract (with D. Yao), RAND Journal of Economics 35 (1): 1-22, Spring 2004, PDF (279 KB)

Regulation, Local Monopolies and Spatial Competition Abstract (with P. Gertler), Journal of Regulatory Economics 25 (2): 115-141, March 2004, PDF (238 KB)

Patents, Invalidity and the Strategic Transmission of Enabling Information Abstract (with D. Yao), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 12 (2): 161-178, Summer 2003, PDF (263 KB)

The Sale of Ideas: Strategic Disclosure, Property Rights and Contracting Abstract (with D. Yao), Review of Economic Studies 69 (3): 513-531, 2002, PDF (137 KB)

Entry Auctions and Strategic Behavior under Cross-Market Price Constraints Abstract, (with J. Vander Weide and N. Vettas), International Journal of Industrial Organization 20 (5): 611-630, 2002, PDF (108 KB)

Start-ups, Spin-offs and Internal Projects Abstract (with D. Yao), Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 11 (2): 362-378, 1995, PDF (2.8 MB)

Standard-Setting Consortia, Antitrust and High-Technology Industries Abstract (with D. Yao), Antitrust Law Journal 64 (1): 247-265, 1995, PDF (3.3 MB)

Expropriation and Inventions: Appropriable Rents in the Absence of Property Rights Abstract (with D. Yao), American Economic Review 84 (1): 190-209, 1994, PDF (758 KB)

Seniority and Efficiency Abstract Scandinavian Journal of Economics 94 (3): 425-442, 1992, PDF (2.9 MB)

Coordination in Split-Award Auctions Abstract (with D. Yao), Quarterly Journal of Economics 75: 681-707, 1992, PDF (696 KB)

Measuring the Effectiveness of Competition in Defense Procurement: A Survey Abstract (with D. Yao), Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 9 (1): 60-79, 1990, PDF (3.7 MB)

Split-Awards, Procurement and Innovation Abstract (with D. Yao), RAND Journal of Economics 20 (4): 538-552, 1989, PDF (1.7 MB)

External Markets and Regulation Abstract (with P. Gertler), Journal of Public Economics 37: 243-260, 1988, PDF (1.1 MB)

Second-Sourcing and the Experience Curve: Price Competition in Defense Procurement Abstract (with D. Yao), RAND Journal of Economics 18 (1): 57-76, 1987, PDF (2.5 MB)