Recent Research Abstracts and Working Papers
John W. Payne

Joseph J. Ruvane, Jr. Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D. University of California, Irvine, 1973

Book Chapters

Payne, J.W. & Venkatraman, V. (2011) Opening the Black Box: Conclusions to a Handbook of Process Tracing Methods for Decision Research. Chapter from A Handbook of Process Tracing Methods for Decision Research. A Critical Review and User's Guide. (M. Schulte-Mecklenbeck , A. Kuhberger and R. Ranyard, Eds.), Psychology Press.

Payne, J.W. (2009) Investment Committee Decisions: Potential Benefits, Pitfalls, and Suggestions for Improvement. Chapter prepared for Perspectives on Behavioral Finance. CFA. Institute Research Monograph. A. Wood (Ed).

Soll, J.B., Milkman, K. L. & Payne, J.W. (2014) A User's Guide to Debiasing. Chapter from Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making. (G. Keren and G. Wu, Eds).

Sample Research Papers

Shu, S.B., Zeithammer & Payne, J. W. (2015 In Press). Consumer Preferences for Annuity Attributes: Beyond NPV. Journal of Marketing Research.

Soll, J.B., Milkman, K.L. & Payne, J.W. (2015). Outsmart Your Own Biases, Harvard Business Review, May, 65-71. This paper has been reprinted in the Harvard Business Reviews On Point 2015 collection on the Art of Decision Making and also in the 2016 Harvard Business Reviews 10 Must Reads.

Venkatraman, V., Payne, J.W. & Huettel, S.A. (2014). An Overall Probability of Winning Heuristic for Complex Risky Decisions: Choice and Eye Fixation Evidence. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 125, 73-87.

Atlas, S.A., Johnson, E.J. & Payne, J.W. (2014). Time Preferences and Mortgage Choice.

Huber, J., Payne, J.W. & Puto, C. P. (2014). Let's Be Honest About the Attraction Effect. Journal of Marketing Research, 51, 520-525.

Simonson, I., Bettman, J.R., Kramer, T. & Payne, J.W. (2013). Comparison Selection: An Approach to the Study of Consumer Judgment and Choice. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 23, 137-149.

Payne, J.W., Sagara, N., Shu, S.B., Appelt, K.C. & Johnson, E.J. (2012). Life Expectancy as a Construed Belief: Evidence of a Live-To or Die-By Framing Effect. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 46, 27-50.

Venkatraman, V., Payne, J.W., Bettman, J.R., Luce, M.F., & Huettel, S.A., (2009). Separate Neural Mechanisms Underlie Choices and Strategic Preferences in Risky Decision Making. Neuron, 62, 593-602.

Amaldoss, W., Bettman, J.R., & Payne, J.W. (2008) Biased but Efficient: An Investigation of Coordination Facilitated by Asymmetric Dominance. Marketing Science, 27, 903-921.

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Cox, J.D. & Payne, J.W.(2006) Mutual Fund Expense Disclosures: A Behavioral Perspective. Washington University Law Quarterly, Vol. 83, Number 4. Paper.

Payne, J.W. (2005) It is Whether You Win or Lose: The Importance of Overall Probabilities of Winning or Losing in Risky Choice. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol. 30, pp. 5-19.

Luce, M.F., Payne, J.W., & Bettman, J.R. (2000). Coping with Unfavorable Attribute Values in Choice. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 81, 274-299.

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Payne, J.W., Bettman, J.R. & Schkade, D.A. (1999) Measuring Constructed Preferences: Towards a Building Code, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 19, 243-270.

Luce, M.F., Payne, J.W., & Bettman, J.R. (1999). Emotional Trade-Off Difficulty and Choice. Journal of Marketing Research, 36, 143-159.

Bettman, J.R., Luce, M.F. & Payne, J.W. (1998) Constructive Consumer Choice Processes. Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 25, pp. 187-217.


Powerpoint Presentations

Authors: Payne, J.W. (Duke), Shu, S.B. (UCLA and NBER), Webb, E. C. (Columbia) & Sagara, N. (Duke). Development of an Individual Measure of Loss Aversion.