Christine Moorman

T. Austin Finch, Sr.
Professor of Business Administration

Contact Information

Christine Moorman
Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business
100 Fuqua Drive
Durham, NC 27708

Phone (919) 660-7856
Fax (919) 681-6245
Twitter @moorman


Daytime MBA Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is concerned with managing customers to maximize long-term company profits. The focus is on managing at the strategic level by targeting, acquiring, retaining, and growing customers. We will examine the management of both strategy and organization to build valuable customers for company growth and profits. The course builds on the core marketing and strategy classes. However, it differs from both in two ways. First, given the strategic focus of this course, less attention will be given to the tactical-level activities of the marketing department in implementing marketing decisions using the 4Ps. Second, given the customer focus of this course, we will place the organization’s capabilities at the service of customers and not the other way around. Syllabus

Ph.D. Marketing Strategy Seminar

The purpose of this seminar is to give you an overview of behavioral foundations of marketing strategy research and to expose you to new methods used in marketing strategy research. My goal is that you will finish the course with a deep understanding of the literature as well as how you might contribute to it. I believe your most important skill as a scholar is the ability to create new ideas. We will focus on developing this skill throughout the term. Syllabus