Information Management introduces students to a set of powerful business software tools that can be used to transform data into information and present that information creatively and effectively. Students learn practical methods for organizing and managing structured information using advanced features of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software and Microsoft Access relational database software. Through a series of practical projects students learn first-hand how these tools can be used to manage data insightfully and effectively in a rapidly changing business environment.

There are no prerequisites for this course beyond a strong general familiarity with an electronic spreadsheet such as MS Excel. See the important version note that follows.

The course will be taught using the Windows-based, Office 2007 versions of Excel and Access. Please plan to submit all assignments in Office 2007 format and in English. If you do not have Excel 2007 and Access 2007, you are welcome to complete the assignments using the FuquaNet MBA computers located in Fuqua's team rooms and computer labs.

A list of the assignment topics and tasks drawn from the five assignments that constitute the core work in the course is available. Although this list may change slightly, it may help you form an idea of the course scope and structure.

For complete information, please see the course syllabus.


The preassignment for this course and the optional Excel Pre-Assignment file are available here. Please note that there are no immediate deliverables.


Instructor: Paula Ecklund, 303 West, (919) 660-7745,
Faculty Assistant: Carol Bray, 3rd West, (919) 660-7773,


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