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Excel Design & Audit Tips

Spreadsheet models are a natural tool for managers but they can be hard to understand and use if they're not well constructed. This guide provides tips on how to create a well-designed worksheet and also describes some auditing techniques. Specific references are to Excel 97. If you're new to using a spreadsheet, also see the handout that's a companion to this one: Spreadsheets: Getting Started.


I. Getting Started


II. Data Entry and Organization

Constant Values
Row-Column Structure
The Final Report

III. Creating Formulas

Numbers in Formulas
Reproducing Formulas
Relative and Absolute Addressing
Simple Formulas
Range Names
Intermediate Quantities
Flow of Calculation

IV. Auditing and Debugging Your Worksheet

See the Organization of a Large Worksheet
View Detailed Information About Cells
Use the Excel's Auditor to Correct Problems and Examine Cell Relationships

V. For more Information

Using Excel's Online Help


Paula Ecklund