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B. Conceptualize the Problem


Your objective for OP's August production is to find the mix of chair types to manufacture that results in the highest possible profit.


  • OP has only the current numbers of parts-on-hand to work with.
  • Each of the six chair types requires a different mix of parts.


  • OP can sell every chair they make.
  • The number of parts on hand cannot be increased.
  • It's not possible to make substitutions for chair parts.


You've already identified and obtained the raw data you need to determine the best product mix. To review, the raw data includes:

  • A description of the manufacturing line with the parts required for each chair
  • The parts on hand
  • The profit obtained from each chair type
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C. Begin Constructing the Spreadsheet Model

Arrange the data in your Excel worksheet to suit yourself. You might use a format similar to that used in the sample worksheets that appear at the end of this exercise. Notice that in the first sample worksheet I've moved unit profit from its location at the bottom of the Word table to a row directly beneath chair type. Unit profit values are key in this model and so I've put them in a more central, easily visible location. I've also added documentation and have slightly changed a couple of labels to make them more clear.


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