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These Excel exercises can be reviewed as Adobe Acrobat Version 4-format documents and -- in some cases -- also online. To view an Acrobat-format file in your browser you'll need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have a copy of the Reader, get one from Adobe's download site. Click an Acrobat file link to view it. You can print the file from within the view. If you want to save the file directly to your hard drive without viewing it first, right-click the link and choose the pop-up menu command that appears and reads "'Save Link As", "Save Target As", or something similar.


Excel Proficiency Exercises

Excel Proficiency Exercises, Adobe format, ~130K
Guide to the Excel Proficiency Exercises, Adobe format, ~ 512K
Solutions.xls, Excel, ~83K

Five exercises that cover some key Excel features including relative, fixed, and mixed addressing; IF statements; SUMPRODUCT and MIN functions; Data Table; Goal Seek; and the XY plot. For help with the exercises and notes on the concepts, see the "Guide" and the Excel "Solutions" files.


The Oak Products Project

Online & Adobe Acrobat formats
Click the link above for practice with basic Excel modeling skills, the use of some specialized Excel functions, and the Excel Solver add-in in the context of a resource optimization problem. The Oak Products exercise is drawn from Prentice-Hall's "Introductory Management Science" by Eppen, Gould, Schmidt, Moore, and Weatherford.


 Svelte Glove

Adobe format, ~185K
Svelte Glove is a product mix problem that takes you step-by-step through building a worksheet to determine what mix of products yields the highest profit. A set of production constraints complicates the model. You first build the model to allows a manual determination of the product mix, then apply Excel's Solver to automate the process. The Adobe Acrobat format file is about 185K in size.


 Padgett's Widgets

Adobe format, ~113K
The Padgett's Widgets problem is similar to the Oak Products and Svelte Glove problems above. For the Padgett's Widgets model you calculate profit as a function of four price levels and identify the optimum price with the help of a chart. You then expand and refine the model and the chart to allow for forty prices. Although worksheet screen shots are provided, no step-by-step help is given. The Adobe Acrobat file is about 113K in size.


 Introduction to Data Tables/Data Table Exercises

Adobe format, ~296K
Excel's Data Tables are useful for sensitivity analysis, or observing how changes to one or more variables in a model affect other values. This introduction to Data Tables uses the Xertech Exercise.xls worksheet (22k) as the basis for describing how to construct both One-Variable and Two-Variable Data Tables, and generate scenarios and graphs from the results.



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