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The documents and workbooks on this site are for Fuqua MBA students looking for review and practice materials for Microsoft Excel. In examples and illustrations I use primarily the 2002 (XP) version of Excel. Most of the information is not version-specific and can be useful for users of 2000, 2002, and 2003 as well. A look at the new Excel Version 12 (2007) is available from a link under "Useful Web Sites".

Many of the documents are in PDF format and require the PDF-reader to view or print. If you don't have the PDF-reader, obtain it from the Adobe download site.

Also listed are recommended reference guides, tutorial texts, video and CD-ROM training materials, and Excel-information websites.

2007 - 2008

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New to Excel?                                             

Excel Tips: Workbooks      (Note that some of these workbooks contain macros. )

Working Smarter                                           

Excel Charting Ideas

  • Charting Primer I.xls (Excel XP, ~1,036K; enable macros for navigation.)
  • Charting Primer II.xls (Excel XP, ~1,160K; enable macros for navigation and point labelling.)
  • To add labels to points in an XY Scatter plot: See this Microsoft web page  as well as the AppsPro chart labeler web page with a free utility by Rob Bovey and Aaron Blood's Charts & Graphs Downloads page.
  • Quick XY Charts - An Excel add-in (VBA procedures) that construct XY charts from regular but nonstandard data arrangements. Allow the user to chart from existing tables without rearranging the data and without suffering through tedious copying and pasting or repetitive range selection in the Source Data dialog. Written by John Peltier.

Excel Calculations                                       

Special Excel Tools                                      

Excel Lists (Databases)                             

Excel Modeling Practice                              

Excel Add-Ins                                             

Excel Add-Ins: Sources & Information      

  • Crystal Ball
    Decisioneering, authors of this 3rd party Excel add-in for forecasting and risk analysis.
  • Excel's Solver
    Frontline Systems, authors of this Excel add-in (packaged with the MS Excel application).
  • Treeplan and SensIt
    DecisionToolPak, commercial source for these add-ins.

Excel Tutorial & Reference Guides 

      Excel 2002 (XP)

  • Excel 2002: The Complete Reference
    Ivens and Carlberg, Osborne, reference text.
    ISBN 0-07213-2450, paperback, 759 pages

  • Excel 2002 Formulas
    John Walkenbach, Wiley, formula reference.
    ISBN 0-76454-800-X, paperback, 825 pages, CD ROM
  • Special Edition Using Microsoft Excel 2002
    Blattner, Que, reference text.
    ISBN 0-78972-5118, paperback, 953 pages
  • Microsoft Excel Version 2002 Inside Out
    Dodge, Microsoft Press, reference text.
    ISBN 0-7356-1281-1, paperback, 1104 pages, CD ROM
  • Microsoft Excel 2002 Step by Step
    Frye, Microsoft Press, beg/int tutorial guide.
    ISBN 0-7356-1296-X, paperback, 352 pages, CD ROM
  • Microsoft Excel XP/2002: Illustrated Complete
    Cram, Course Technology, beg/int tutorial guide.
    ISBN 0-61904-5051, paperback

  • Microsoft Excel XP/2002: Comprehensive
    Ageloff, Course Technology, intensive tutorial guide
    ISBN 0-61902-092-X, paperback, 808 pages

    This text offers a case-based, problem-solving approach especially recommended for a good MBA pre-program review. It's not necessary to go through the entire book. Instead, we recommend you focus on the discussions and complete the primary exercises from the following list of sections. The data files used in the exercises may be downloaded from the publisher's website. See the textbook for complete instructions.
        Tutorial 1: Using Excel to Manage Financial Data
        Tutorial 2: Working with Formulas and Functions
        Tutorial 3: Developing a Professional-Looking Worksheet
        Tutorial 4: Working with Charts
        Tutorial 6: Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
        Tutorial 7: Developing an Excel Application
        Tutorial 9: Data Tables and Scenario Management
        Tutorial 10:Using Solver for Complex Problems

       Excel 2003

      Excel 2007

       Recommended Video/CD-ROM Excel Courses

  • Excel Training
    KeyStone Learning Systems, Video or CD-ROM formats. Beginning and intermediate training. Order online or 1-800-581-9732.
  • Excel Training
    LearnKey Training,Video or CD-ROM formats. Order online or 1-800-865-0165.


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