U.S. Business Internship Program for Young Middle Eastern Women

Note: The spreadsheet and presentation graphic files available for download on this page are in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 format. You will need the Excel and PowerPoint software installed on your computer to open and use these files.

Workshop pre-reading and background

Business_Computer_Skills_Review.pdf (~880K)
Note that this document is distributed to participants on paper in the pre-reading handout.

PowerPoint file used in workshop demo: MEPIPresentation.ppt (~4,500K)

Excel Data Table Sample Files

ForecastingTools.xls (~735K)

XertechExercise.xls (~21K) and XertechCompleted.xls (~88K) referenced in the Optional Business Computer Skills Review 2005 pre-reading handout.

Excel Solver Sample Files

Solvsamp.xls (~115K): Microsoft Sample File

SolverDemo.xls (~765K)

Excel Pivot Table Sample Files

Instructions for use
Download this file: Reports.exe (~285K)
Double-click the Reports.exe file from Windows Explorer to start the installation program. The installation program copies four Pivot Table sample files to your computer to whatever location you specify. The names of the four sample files are:

  • SampleCustomerReport.xls
  • SampleOrderReports.xls
  • SampleProductReports.xls
  • SampleSalespersonReports.xls

To remove this download
No special uninstall utility is required to remove the files associated with this download. To remove the download file itself, delete the file Reports.exe. To remove the sample files you installed, search for and delete the four sample files named above from your hard disk drive.

Used in the optional workshop: DemoPivotTables.xls (simple demo plus excerpts from the above).

PowerPoint Sample Files

Instructions for use
Download all three files below and put them all in the same location. Run the PowerPointSequenceOptions file to see examples of non-sequential techniques.

PowerPointSequenceOptions.ppt (~205K)

MerchantOfVenice.ppt (~61K)

XertechCompleted.xls (~90K)


Paula Ecklund
December 2005