WEMBA - Introduction to Regress Software

  Paula Ecklund
  303 West, 660-7745

The Excel Regress Add-In
Excel has its own built-in regression utility. However, many Fuqua faculty prefer to use a 3rd party add-in from Nexus Systems named "Regress". A short introduction to the Excel Regress add-in is offered on Saturday March 29th at 7am in Geneen Auditorum. The session is scheduled for the beginning of the term in which you study Probability and Statistics with Dr. Jill Stowe. The session will be under an hour in length and attendance is optional. If you're comfortable picking up new software on your own, the materials below may be sufficient for you and attendance at our Saturday demo may be unnecessary. These materials are also used for the optional introduction to Regress session.

Regression Demo and Quick Guide (Word document, ~800K)
The Regress Author's Guide (Word document, ~800K)
Regress Skills (PowerPoint document, ~1,500K)
SmythePieData.xls (Excel sample data file, ~16K)
Calculus.xls (Excel sample data, ~50K)
CalculusComplete.xls (The calculus sample completed, ~75K)

Installing Regress
Please contact Fuqua's Center for Excellence in Business Education (CEBE) staff for information on obtaining and installing the Regress software on your home PC. Reach CEBE staff using this email address:


Last updated 3.26.08