Graphic Elements



There are many sources for graphic elements to include on your web pages.

Simple Graphics

Use Fireworks to create simple graphic shapes. Export your graphics in GIF or JPEG format for inclusion on a web page.

Use graphics from the Microsoft Office Clip Art Library. These files aren't in web-suitable format natively, but here's how to convert them:

  1. From Word (or Excel or PowerPoint) use Insert, Picture, Clip Art to access the MS Clip Art Library and select a graphic. Pull the selected graphic into your MS application.
  2. Use the MS Office Edit, Copy function to copy the graphic to the Windows Clipboard.
  3. Open FireWorks and open a new, blank file.
  4. In FireWorks use Edit, Paste to copy the graphic from the Windows Clipboard into the blank FireWorks document. (Resize or otherwise modify as necessary.)
  5. Use FireWork's File, Export command to export the graphic in GIF or JPEG format. Either of these formats are suitable for use in a web page.

Check on the web for downloadable graphics. You might check these sources: Lycos,

Animated Graphics

Want animation? First see the section on "Animated Images". Then, check Action To Go for a start. Then do your own web search for animated GIFs.

Last updated 9/4/00
Paula Ecklund