MBAs: Publishing to the Web




Fuqua MBA students have access to Duke's "Godzilla" computer for web publishing. This is the same computer on which your Duke e-mail account resides. In order to publish to the web, you copy files to a special "public_html" folder on the Godzilla computer. Any HTML file you put in your public_html folder is visible on the web.


FTP Tool

You don't have direct access to your account on the Godzilla computer unless you go over to one of the campus computers (in Perkins Library, BioSci, etc.) that are directly connected to Godzilla. However, you can easily copy files to your Godzilla account by using a file transfer protocol (FTP) tool, such as Winsock FTP. A copy of Winsock FTP is available on the MBA CD-ROM you received at the beginning of the year. Winsock FTP is also installed on all Fuqua's MBA PCs.

If you're unfamiliar with Winsock FTP, see this introduction (PDF, ~192K).



When you've copied an HTML-format file to your public_html folder on Duke's Godzilla computer, you'll want to know the address (or URL, Uniform Resource Locator) of the file. The URL will have this syntax: Duke e-mail id/your file name

For example, if your Duke e-mail id is MBA32 and your file name is MyResume.htm, the address of your file would be:

       A tilde symbol (~) must precede your e-mail ID name.
       Slashes in the address lean towards the right (///) not towards the left (\\\).
       File names on the Godzilla system are case sensitive and should contain no spaces.

Last updated 6/23/00
Paula Ecklund