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Fuqua has obtained a site license for two great software applications you can use for web publishing: Macromedia DreamWeaver and Macromedia Fireworks. The current version of both applications is version 3.


A "what you see is what you get" editor; the web editor of choice at Fuqua. Also allows you to view and edit HTML code directly in a code window. Easy to import and convert MS Word HTML documents to standard HTML. Online help takes you to Macromedia's web site which contains a complete DreamWeaver tutorial and reference guide.


A graphics package optimized for use with DreamWeaver and for creating graphics for the web. Online help takes you to Macromedia's web site which contains a complete Fireworks tutorial and reference guide.

Winsock FTP

A File Transfer Protocol utility to allow you to transfer files to and from a remote location. Use Winsock FTP to transfer files to and from your web server computer when you're not working at a PC directly connected to the server computer.

Netscape Composer

Netscape's "Composer" web editor is intuitive and available right there in the browser. Choose Communicator and then Composer from the menus. A reference guide is available online through the Help menu.

MBA Students: DreamWeaver, Fireworks, Winsock FTP, and Netscape are available on the MBA CD-ROM you received at the beginning of the year. Winsock FTP is also available for download from Duke's OIT software web site and of course new versions of Netscape are available for download from Netscape's web site.

Faculty: Contact Fuqua's Technical Support Center (TSC) to have any of these applications installed on your computer.

Last updated 6/23/00
Paula Ecklund