Lecturing Fellow, Decision Sciences


I worked in various aspects of information services before starting at the Fuqua School of Business in 1983, joining the newly-formed Computer Services Center (CSC) under the direction of John Gallagher. In its early years, the CSC was a relatively small group with a jack-of-all-trades approach. During that time I had the chance to participate in offering a wide variety of computing services on the school's PC, minicomputer, and mainframe systems and contributing to faculty research projects in Pascal, SAS, and IBM's expert system language.

In 1986 I began teaching in Fuqua's MBA program in the core computer skills course (now Business Computer Applications) as well as directing and delivering the (now defunct) Summer Computer Review. My instruction has expanded to include the daytime MBA elective, Information Management, focused on practical management, analysis, and presentation of data using PC tools. I also work on incoming program preparation with Fuqua's Global, Weekend, Cross Continent, MMS, and MMCi programs. In 2010 I customized my Excel course to teach Fuqua managers in-house I currently prepare Excel pre-program review materials for Fuqua's executive MBA programs (GEMBA, WEMBA, CCMBA).

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