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Debu Purohit
Professor of Marketing
Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University, 1988

Refereed Publications

(1989) "Durable Goods and Product Obsolescence," Marketing Science, 8, 1, 35-36 (with Daniel A. Levinthal).

(1992) "Exploring the Relationship Between the Markets for New and Used Durable Goods: The Case of Automobiles," Marketing Science, 11, 2, 154-167.

(1994) "Rentals, Sales and Buybacks: Managing Secondary Distribution Channels," Journal of Marketing Research, 31, 3 (August), 325-338 (with Richard Staelin).

(1994) "What Should You Do When Your Competitors Send in the Clones?" Marketing Science, 13, 4, 392-411. This paper was a finalist for the 1994 John D. C. Little Best Paper Award.

(1995) "The Durable Goods Monopolist in Marketing Channels: Renting v. Selling Reconsidered," Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 4, 1 (Spring), 69-84.

(1995) "Playing the Role of Buyer and Seller: The Mental Accounting of Trade-ins," Marketing Letters, 6, 2, 101-110.

(1996) "The Price of Safety," Journal of Consumer Research, 23, 1 (June), 12-25 (with William Boulding).

(1997) "Dual Distributions Channels: The Competition Between Rental Agencies and Dealers," Marketing Science, 16, 3, 228-245. This paper won the 1997 John D. C. Little Best Paper Award.

(1998) "Leasing and Selling: Optimal Marketing Strategies for a Durable Goods Firm," Management Science, 44, 11 (November), Part 2, 19-34 (with Preyas Desai).

(1999) "Competition in Durable Goods Markets: The Strategic Consequences of Leasing and Selling," (with Preyas Desai), Marketing Science, 18, 1, 42-58. This paper was a finalist for the 1999 John D. C. Little Best Paper Award.

(2000) "Effect of Manufacturer Reputation, Retailer Reputation and Product Warranty on Consumer Judgments of Product Quality: A Cue Diagnosticity Framework," (with Joydeep Srivastava), Journal of Consumer Psychology, 10, 3, 123-134.

(2003) "'Let Me Talk to My Manager:' Haggling in a Competitive Environment," (with Preyas Desai) forthcoming Marketing Science.

(2004) "Strategic Decentralization and Channel Coordination," (with Preyas Desai and Oded Koenigsberg), Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2, 1 (March), 5-22.