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Ryan C. McDevitt

Ryan C McDevitt

The Fuqua School of Business · Duke University

Associate Professor · Economics Area

Curriculum Vitae


Productivity and Quality in Health Care: Evidence from the Dialysis Industry
July 2017, with Paul Grieco, Review of Economic Studies, 84(3), 1071-1105

The Effect of Social Interaction on Economic Transactions: Evidence from Changes in Two Retail Formats
December 2015, with A. Goldfarb, S. Samila, & B. Silverman, Management Science, 61(12), 2963-2981

Specialization and Competition in the Venture Capital Industry
June 2015, with Y. Hochberg & M. Mazzeo, Review of Industrial Organization, 46(4), 323-347

"A" Business by Any Other Name: Firm Name Choice as a Signal of Firm Quality
August 2014, Journal of Political Economy, 122(4), 909-994

Market Structure and Gender Disparity in Health Care: Preferences, Competition, & Quality of Care
Spring 2014, with James Roberts, The RAND Journal of Economics, 45:1, 116-139

Names & Reputations: An Empirical Analysis
August 2011, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 3:3, 193-209

The Broadband Bonus: Estimating Broadband Internet's Economic Value
August 2011, with Shane Greenstein, Telecommunications Policy, 35:7, 617-632

Evidence of a Modest Price Decline in U.S. Broadband Services
June 2011, with Shane Greenstein, Information Economics & Policy, 23:2, 200-211


Strategic Patient Discharge: Evidence from Long-term Care Hospitals
January 2017, with Paul Eliason, Paul Grieco, & Jimmy Roberts, revision requested, American Economic Review

Legislators’ School Ties & State Funding for Higher Education
September 2016, with Aaron Chatterji & Joowon Kim, revision requested, Journal of Public Economics

Demand, Regulation, and Welfare on the Margin of Alternative Financial Services
July 2016, with Aaron Sojourner, revision requested, Journal of Finance


Business Strategy and Antitrust Policy
December 2014, with Michael Mazzeo, The Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics

Measuring the Broadband Bonus in Thirty OECD Countries
April 2012, with Shane Greenstein, OECD Digital Economy Papers, No. 197, OECD Publishing

The Global Broadband Bonus: Broadband Internet's Impact on Seven Countries
August 2011, with Shane Greenstein, in The Linked World: How ICT Is Transforming Societies, Cultures and Economies


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