Rebecca Zarutskie
Assistant Professor of Finance

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Current Working Papers

Who Works for Startups? The Relation between Firm Age, Employee Age and Growth, (with Paige Ouimet), 2011.

Married to the Firm? Family Ownership, Performance and Survival in Private Firms (with Sharon Belenzon), 2012.

Acquiring Labor (with Paige Ouimet), 2012, revise and resubmit, Review of Financial Studies.

Competition, Financial Innovation and Specialization in Credit Markets, 2011, revise and resubmit, Journal of Financial Intermediation.


On the Lifecycle Dynamics of Venture-Capital- and Non-Venture-Capital-Financed Firms (with Manju Puri), 2010, Journal of Finance, forthcoming.

The Role of Top Management Team Human Capital in Venture Capital Markets: Evidence from First-time Funds, 2010 Journal of Business Venturing, 25, 155-172.

Evidence on the Tradeoff between Risk and Return for IPO and SEO Firms (with A. Brav, R. Michaely and M. Roberts), 2009 Financial Management, Summer, 221-252.

Evidence on the Effects of Bank Competition on Firm Borrowing and Investment, 2006, Journal of Financial Economics, 81, 503-537.

Older Working Papers

The Role of Human Capital in Venture Capital, 2008.

Tax Function Convexity, Risk-Taking, and Organizational Form Choice, 2003.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Turnover and the Effective Tax Burden on Taxable Investors (with D. Bergstresser and J. Poterba), 2003.

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