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Sharon Belenzon
Associate Professor of Strategy

Ph.D. London School of Economics and Political Science


Married to the firm? A large scale investigation of the social context of ownership (with Andrea Patacconi and Rebecca Zarutskie), Forthcoming in Strategic Management Journal

Market Frictions and the the Competitive Advantage of Internal Labor Markets (with Ulya Tsolmon), Forthcoming in Strategic Management Journal

Motivation and Sorting of Human Capital in Open Innovation (with Mark Schankerman), Strategic Management Journal, 36: 795–820, June 2015. Lead article

How does firm size mediate firms' ability to benefit from invention? Evidence from patents and scientific publications (with Andrea Patacconi), European Management Review, 11(1): 21-45, Spring 2014

Innovation and firm value: An investigation of the changing role of patents, 1985-2007 (with Andrea Patacconi), Research Policy, 42(8): 1496-1510, September 2013

Make, Buy, Organize: The Interplay Between R&D, External Knowledge, and Firm Structure (with Ashish Arora and Luis Rios), Strategic Management Journal, 35: 317–337, March 2014

Spreading the Word: Geography, Policy and Knowledge Spillovers (with Mark Schankerman), Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(3): 884-903, July 2013

Capital markets and firm organization: How financial development shapes European corporate groups (with Tomer Berkovitz and Luis Rios), Management Science, 59: 1326-1343, June 2013

Cumulative Innovation and Market Value: Evidence from Patent Citations, Economic Journal, 559(122): 265-285, March 2012. Media: Washington Post, July 3, 2012; VOX, July 3, 2012

Innovation in Business Groups (with Tomer Berkovitz), Management Science, 56(3): 519-535, March 2010

University Knowledge Transfer: Private Ownership, Incentives, and Local Development Objectives (with Mark Schankerman), Journal of Law and Economics, 52(1): 111-144, Feb 2009

R&R requested and under review

Eponymous Entrepreneurs (with Aaron Chatterji and Brendan Daly), Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Review

Killing the Golden Goose? The changing nature of corporate research, 1980-2007 (with Ashish Arora and Andrea Patacconi). Media: Washington Post, New York Times, Revise and Resubmit, Strategic Management Journal

knowledge Sharing in Alliances and Alliance Portfolios (with Ashish Arora and Andrea Patacconi)

Factor Substitutability and Entry (with Victor Bennet)

Managerial Redeployment, Ownership Structure, and Family Ties (with Andrea Patacconi), Revise and Resubmit, Strategic Management Journal

The Organization of Innovation Across Countries and Industries (with Patrick Bolton and Ulya Tsolmon), Revise and Resubmit, Strategic Management Journal

Health Insurance and Relational Contracts in Small American Firms (with Dan Ariely and Ulya Tsolmon), Revise and Resubmit, Strategy Science

Working papers

The nebulous nature of the firm: An empirical study of corporate group structure in 16 developed economies (with Andrea Patacconi and Bennet Zelner)

Building walls through incorporation? Subsidiary autonomy, hierarchical control, and internal competition (with Niron Hashai and Andrea Patacconi)

Consuming the Firm: Owner Age, Exit Strategy, and Firm Performance (with Anastasiya Shmshur and Rebecca Zarutskie)