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Mohan Venkatachalam
R.J. Reynolds Professor


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- Abstracted in the CFA Digest, August 2003

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- Abstracted in the CFA Digest, November 2002

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Comment Letters
AAA Financial Accounting Standards Committee

Comments on the FASB’s Proposals on Consolidating Special-Purpose

Entities and Related Standard Setting Issue Accounting Horizons, June 2003. 


Commentary on the IASB’s Exposure Draft on Business Combinations

Accounting Horizons, March 2004. 


Evaluation of the IASB’s Proposed Accounting and Disclosure Requirements

for Share-Based Payment Accounting Horizons, March 2004.


Response to FASB Exposure Draft: Accounting Changes and Error Corrections Accounting Horizons, December 2004.


Response to the FASB’s Exposure Draft on Share-Based Payment: An Amendment of FASB Statements No. 123 and No. 95 Accounting Horizons,

June 2005.


Response to the FASB’s Exposure Draft on Fair Value Measurements

Accounting Horizons, September 2005.