Qi Chen
Professor of Business Administration
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0120
Phone: 919-660-7753
Fax: 919-660-7971
Email: qc2@duke.edu

Curriculum Vitae (pdf format)


Information and Market

Uniform vs. Discretionary Regime in Reporting Information with Unverifiable Precision and a Coordination Role (with T. R. Lewis, K. Schipper, and Y. Zhang, working paper, Sept. 2015)

The Effects of Bank Mergers on Corporate Information Disclosure (with R. Vashishtha, working paper, Sept. 2015)

Accounting Measurement of Assets and Earnings and the Market Valuation of Firm Assets (with N. Zhang, working paper, update to be posted soon)

The Effects of Public Information with Asymmetrically Informed Short-horizon Investors (with Z. Huang and Y. Zhang, Journal of Accounting Research, 2014)

Payoff Complementarities and Financial Fragility: Evidence from Mutual Fund Outflows (with I. Goldstein and W. Jiang, Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 97, 2010)

Price Informativeness and Investment Sensitivity to Stock Price (with I. Goldstein and W. Jiang, Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 20, 2007)

Analysts' Weighting of Private and Public Information (with W. Jiang, Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 19, 2006)

Investor Learning About Analyst Predictive Ability (with J. Francis and W. Jiang, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 39, 2005)

The Role of Forecast Patterns in Conveying Analysts' Predictive Ability (with J. Francis and W. Jiang, permanent working paper)

Information, Agency, and Organizational Design

On the Use of Loose Monitoring in Agencies (with T. Hemmer and Y. Zhang, Review of Accounting Studies, Vol. 16, 2011)

Endogenous Accounting Bias when Decision Making and Control Interact (with B. Mittendorf and Y. Zhang, Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 27, 2010)

On the Relation Between Conservatism in Accounting Standards and Incentives for Earnings Management (with T. Hemmer and Y. Zhang,  Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 45, 2007)

Cooperation In the Budgeting Process (Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 41, 2003)

Corporate Governance

The Sensitivity of Controlling Shareholders' Pariticipation in Rights Offerings of Chinese Listed Firms to Bank Market Development (with K. Schipper, K. Wang and X. Xiao, working paper, 2013)

The Sensitivity of Corporate Cash Holdings to Corporate Governance (with X. Chen, K. Schipper, Y. Xu and J. Xue, Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 25, 2012)


Directors' Ownership in the U.S. Mutual Fund Industry (with I. Goldstein and W. Jiang, Journal of Finance, Vol. 63, 2008)

Financial Accounting Information, Organization Complexity and Corporate Governance (with R. Bushman, E. Engel, and A. Smith, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 37, 2004)


Reading list for BA932: PhD Seminar in Analytical Accounting Research, Fall, 2014

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